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Our story starts way back, when afghan community was going through humanitarian crisis

Afghan Community and Health Rehabilitation Organization (ACHRO) is a non-political, non for profit, non-governmental organization registered on April 08, 2010, under registration # 1658 with the Ministry of Economy of GIRoA. The thematic areas of the organization are Health, Nutrition & Food security, women empowerment, and agriculture, WASH, Shelter, Education, DRR, Assessment and Research, capacity building through VT & soft skills training, and Small and medium enterprises development.

In the year 2010, ACHRO started a very small project titled countering addiction and eliminating violence and the Struggle against Corruption, which move towards a livelihood in poultry farming project for females in the year 2011. Engaged with AWDP USAID-funded project from 2013 – 2018. In the year 2018 ACHRO operation extended and signed a long-term partnership with UNHCR and currently implementing the Co-PROSPER project in the Central, South, South East, and northern region of the country covering more than 24 provinces of the country. CO-PROSPER is a multi-intervention project that covers: Livelihood, Business incubation, community infrastructure, Clean energy, WASH, Shelter, MHPSS, etc. along with this ACHRO has completed the AHF/UNOCHA eligibility criteria and assessed as a medium-risk organization by AHF. ACHRO is a partner of the AHF/UNOCHA and implements the AHF/UNOCHA funds for the Emergency Shelter and NFI, Food security and agriculture, Nutrition, and WASH clusters.


Empowering Afghan people through capacity building, small and medium enterprise, and community development training to promote education, health, and peace in Afghanistan Through HRBA


Developed and educated Afghanistan free of violence and poverty

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