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What We Do

Our organization is involved in various humanitarian activities

we are determined to help our society through working with them and improving different aspects of their lives


ACHRO promotes sustainable income-generating activities and poster the culture of entrepreneurship, encouraging joint venture business through community groups and private sector inclusion with a focus on women. ACHRO has implemented livelihood interventions such as Life skills and vocational training, Job placement, SME establishment, and temporary employment generation.

CSOs and Women Empowerment

ACHRO promotes protecting and reducing the risk of violence and empowers women. ACHRO promotes basic principles and the rule of law. ACHRO Promotes access to justice and strive that voice of affected people are heard, exercise their rights, and tries to hold the decision-makers accountable

WASH: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

ACHRO Implements WASH projects to enhance and strengthen the effective and accountable implementation of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene projects. ACHRO has implemented AHF-funded projects focused on WASH that includes building reservoirs with solar pump station, and water supply system, digging well, distributing hygiene kits, and training of community on hygiene and building toilets and sanitation.


ACHRO implements the shelter projects such as Permanent shelter, transitional shelter, major repairs, and minor repairs. ACHRO has implemented shelter projects in central, South East, southern and northern zones of the country funded by UNHCR.

Food Security and Agriculture

ACHRO promotes food security and implements projects in access to food, training in food security, food provision to those in need and developing the agriculture sector.

Community Infrastructure

ACHRO constructs and rehabilitates the community infrastructure such as constructing roads, culverts, community centers, canals, child-friendly spaces, health centers, and schools. This infrastructure improves access to places, health, agriculture, and education with quality of life. It supports the community by creating jobs and income in the community. ACHRO has implemented many projects in constructing community centers, constructing roads, building culverts, Health centers, and schools

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