Supporting Families Affected by Natural Disasters in Zabul Province

Afghan Community and Health Rehabilitation Organization (ACHRO), with financial support from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has assisted 13,646 families in Zabul province, specifically in the districts of Qalat, Tarnak, Jaldak, Shinkay, Argandab, Deh Chopan, Mizan, Shajoy, Atghar, Nawbahar, Shamluzai, and Khak-e-Afghan. These families, whose crops were devastated by natural disasters, received assistance in the form of agricultural seeds, chemical fertilizers, agricultural machinery, and animal feed.

  • 5,600 farmers were provided with wheat seeds and chemical fertilizers.
  • 1,000 farmers received support in the form of animal feed and clover seeds,
  • 1,500 farmers were assisted with agricultural machinery.
  • 2,058 households were supported with plant seeds for cultivating their own gardens
  • 2,900 families received assistance with animal feed seeds.
  • 588 households were provided with poultry kits.
  • The organization also conducted training sessions for farmers to enhance their agricultural skills and knowledge.

This initiative aimed to support families affected by natural disasters in rebuilding their agricultural livelihoods and enhancing food security in the region.

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